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Love fashion.

Love the new range from Alice Temperley for Stella and Dot. Jewellery worn by today's glitterati.

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Check out my new AVON eBrochure!

Check out my new AVON eBrochure!: Hi Everyone! Here's a sneak peak at some of the latest products available in my Avon eBrochure. Be sure to click

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New York Fashion Week Winter fashion forecast

Sustainable fashion news,stylish fashion news,eco conscious fashion news,recycled and reclaimed fashion. I blog about new fashion trends and informative fashion news.

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Couture Fashion

French Fashion Culture

Author: Jacky Parker
France is the home of famous Fashion Designers in the world. Their masterpiece is now the genre of fashion trends.

Reigning epicenter of world class fashion. The world bow on city of Paris as the fashion Capital of France and take part as Fashion Capital of the world.

Around Paris, you can feel the life of fashion industry as you can seen different designer clothes stores. Not just the clothing stores and boutiques are the basis of lively Fashion industry. Look at the people and you will respect them on their culture because of elegant style of wearing designable clothing. Paris is not just a Fashion capital. It was crowned also as the best Romantic Place in the world because lot of Lovers are choose Paris as their Honeymoon place.

Note the event in Paris. There are lot of fashion events in France probably in Paris. The most highlight event was the Paris Fashion Week where you can feel and experience the wonderful life of fashion in Paris.

Culture is the mainframe of French fashion, French fashion is not just around France. It was noted in every generation of Fashion trends that French fashion has great contribution to European Fashion trend more than centuries ago.

Everything that you want with regards in Fashion products are here in Paris. Your Fashion Lifestyle will change to elegant and luxury fashions that every fashionistas are dream of.

Fashion is our lifestyle that brought different things in our lives. An adventure of our lives that deals on the colorful experiences and mindful moments of the past. It's a journey to seek new trends in the world of fashion.

Amazing things are brought to us by fashion like clothes, accessories, and other fashion things in our life. Do you know that our awareness of fashion brought us the artistry and more civilized way of living?

Scenic with our fashion statement from early age of fashion up to the latest era of fashion trends. We share and develop fashion styles in our daily tributes in the line of fashion as well as giving life into the fashion industry.

Handful manner of fashion is arise in the fashion trends. Then we continue response to all fashion products because we love the nature of fashion that gives us great appearance towards others. There are lot of companies introduced different brands of designer clothes and their merchandises. From promoting those fashion products, here comes the fashion statement of different individuals that recognized as the fashion Icons.

Icons of fashion that carry the flagship of the entire fashion industry worldwide. The concept of fashion reality is based on the personality of the model as the fashion Icon. Designer clothes and other fashion products are recognized by the people because of the product Icon.

Open your eyes and you will see how far does the technology of fashion continue to develop. As we engage and see the nature of fashion, trends is constantly changeable in any moment. Despite of every seasons of fashion, there are times that styles are quickly fading down and another style to arise for everyone.

Nothing is constant in the world of fashion. At any moment and situations, the trends and styles are change. There are changes when new designs of products are introduce by designers. All of us are inclined with new styles of fashions. We all want that we must have the hottest style and designs of clothes as well as the new designs of accessories.

Create your style as long as you want. Then design the style you want for being part of fashion industry. When you live here in France, you career as well as your future are substantially create by means of French culture that guides you in French Fashion which totally deals you on Fashion industry.

Underneath the French fashion, you can improve your way of wearing clothes. You can have your taste with your style of fashion. You can present trendy look of your fashion statement.

Lay in with fashion, women's clothing (Ralph Lauren Femme) are very high quality as renounced the creativity and elegance of French women clothing. Evolve the nature of fashion and keep the trends by showing newbie styles and designs. Share your taste of fashion into the world. An alluring fashion that you can share when you look also on impressive men's clothing(Ralph Lauren Homme) in latest hot stuff of trendy fashions in Paris.

Trends of Fashion industry are began in this country and continue giving the people of wonderful grace of fashion industry. In all trendy stuff, French designs are seen on well known fashion products in the market.

Unified your mind and think of style that you can share in the future trends. Be one of the upcoming fashion designers. Let your dream come through and set your creative mind in continuing the essence of French fashion in the world of fashion today.

Release your style and show up to all that you have the fashion statement by means of designer clothes (vetements de marque). Relate more fashion statements with your designer clothes. Living in France are the most applicable source of becoming a trendy fashion designer or fashionista as well.

Elegance and great fashion is already in your hands when you set your Fashion adventure in France. Embrace FRANCE FASHION CULTURE.

Pour plus de marques de concepteur et d'autres conceptions de Polo Ralph Lauren, visite Vetements De Marque Online pour les hommes et femmes.

Wednesday, January 12, 2011

The new Nude shad for Spring 2011

This season has seen a lot of rainbow clours coming in to the stores.Rainbow colours can be somrtimes hard to contend with on a daily basis.If you a looking for a peared down look.A nice easy colourway to wear is the new nude shades which are coming in seen on the catwalks.This clourway can be worn with animal print and fake fur to keep worn in the Jan -March weather.

The New seasons natural is called the new nude for Spring 2011


Nude Study

Richard Nicoll

  • Fluid, figure-hugging fabrics in the softest, second-skin shades present an elegant alternative to this season's rainbow brights.
  • Add interest with texture - experiment with featherweight chiffon and silky jersey in top-to-toe tonal ensembles.
  • Tanned skin is not a prerequisite for this trend. Light flesh tones look fresh and modern against pale skin.
  • A high-gloss patent finish, as seen at Richard Nicoll, makes nude feel new.

These trends are taken from the Vogue catwalk supplement, on sale now with the February issue for £4

Monday, May 10, 2010

Liverpool Shopping centres.

The shopping centres in Liverpool are giant size and contemporary in there style using modern architecture and planning to create an urban centre of retail excellence.

Saturday, April 10, 2010

Cricket Liverpool - Designer Clothes, Designer Shoes, Designer Bags                                    Beatles would have shopped at cricket if it had been around                  .

Cricket The Designer store Liverpool

Cricket the designer store can be found in the centre of Liverpool.It's customer base boost's the football wags of premier league footballer's,including Wayne Roonie's wife Carline.

Sunday, April 4, 2010

Lisa Ho dresses.

Lisa Ho Design Philosphy.

Lisa Ho Conquers Online Fashion and the Design World

Author: bizman2008
Born in Australia Lisa Ho had the fashion and textile bug from when she was a young child. Following in the footsteps of her grandmother Lisa began sewing when she was only four. This early experience with fabric and textiles only encouraged her passion, going on to do formal training in fashion design. Her initial stint working for a company led her to a resolve that she wanted to create something of her own. Starting out in the Paddington Markets led to her work being recognized for its unique qualities. This attention gave Lisa the encouragement she needed to begin her brand. Lisa Ho continued to wow the public including several celebrities who fell in love with the romantic and vintage aesthetic, where she could source and create striking textiles.  

Her high profile links to A listers and the major role she takes in shaping the Australian fashion industry prompted the recognition of her work in Australian fashion during the opening of the 2000 Sydney Olympics. Humbled by the appreciation Lisa Ho hopes to inspire other upcoming designer. Reminding us the appreciation of beauty is evident in all forms of design from art to music, it is all an inspiration process.

Like many of Australia's fashion designers, fresh out of college in 1982, Lisa Ho started her career at the Paddington markets with her designs that quickly brought her retail and media attention and began the Lisa Ho brand.

With a design philosophy inspired by the romanticism of vintage textiles, Lisa Ho has been at the forefront of the Australian Fashion Industry for the past 22 years.

The Lisa Ho brand has continued to build into one of the most recognised brands in Australia and has a strong celebrity following with signature pieces being worn by Delta Goodrem, Sarah Wynter, Elle Macpherson, Sarah Michelle Geller, Olivia Newton John and Jennifer Lopez.

Her international reputation, was first recognized during the Sydney 2000 Opening Ceremony, which featured a special Lisa Ho designed segment celebrating her role in Australian fashion. Lisa was also asked to design the gown worn by Oliva Newton John for her performance to welcome the Olympic athletes.

Today Lisa Ho has culminated in a national signature store base of 10, an exclusive department store arrangement with David Jones and representation in over 250 boutiques both local and internationally, conquering even the online fashion market of today.

Saturday, March 20, 2010

Fashion Trends

Fashion Trends

Top 2010 Fashion Trends

With every new year, fashionistas across the globe eagerly await the fashion world's newest trends – and this year is certainly no different. It's time to say goodbye to asymmetry, baggy pants, and washed out hues, and get ready to welcome a whole to range of vibrant colours, prints and styles.

It seems every year sees a fashion revival of some kind – and this year, it's all about the 80s and 90s. Expect to see biker shorts, bumbags, and bodysuits – for example, from the likes of Rochas, Stella McCartney, Celine, and Donna Karan. Don't shy away from 80s or 90s graphic prints. In fact, the bolder the better. 2010 is also a year to don your inner wear as outer wear. From lace-trimmed slips and corsets to frilly bras underneath sheer tops, you don't have to hide those beautiful intimate pieces anymore. Instead, show them off all you can. Clean cut pieces - for example, crisp white shirts, tailored trousers, and shaped parkas - will also be huge this spring.

When it comes to accessories like handbags, quilted and patchwork designs are at the top of the trend list. However, these designs will also emerge in apparel – particularly as patchwork skirts and springtime jackets. Those looking for an ultra casual look can opt for rustic straw and wicker bags – also among the key fashion accessory pieces this season. Looking for shoes? 2010 has traded sky-high heels for flats, kitten heels, and low-level heels – and Missoni, Louis Vuitton and Jimmy Choo are eagerly offering inspiration.

However, one of the biggest fashion trends for 2010 is in printed apparel and accessories. You're bound to see a lot of pinstripes, graphics, and leopard prints. But two of the most prominent designs will be vintage and tribal prints; from bold, ethnic designs to more intricate tribal patterns, 2010 is the year to flaunt those prints.

And, of course, no trend report is complete without a word or two on colour. It seems 2010 will be the year of blues and yellows – particularly lemon yellow and ice blue. So whether you're shopping for clothes, shoes, or accessories, gravitate towards colours inspired by the sun and the sky. Don't be afraid to combine and layer various shades of either colour. As far as spring's neutral colours go, it's all about fleshy tones such as blush, rose, soft tan and apricot – as relayed by the Warehouse collection.

Retailers everywhere are already rolling out their springtime collections – which means you'll be able to see these trends in action, whether in high street stores, boutiques, or department stores. So get a head start on 2010's springtime fashions, and look your best in the latest trends.

Adam Singleton writes for a digital marketing agency.  This article has been commissioned by a client of said agency.  This article is not designed to promote, but should be considered professional content.

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Ethical fashion philosophy.

Ethical fashion is the New Buzz word for eco friendly clothing that embelishes social responsibilities.
Responsible.Ethical Fashion can equate exquisite design and quality without loosing touch with morality and ethical standards.
Ethical fashion philosphy embraces the concept of creating beautiful designs with ethical production practices.
An ethical fashion collection means from fibre production to the finishing stitches.A conscious effort has been made to repect the people involved and also pretect our precious eco system and planet.
Sustainable fabrics and fibres,vintage buttons and fabric are all used to create artisan pieces of fashionable disireable choices to buy.
Ethical fashion philosphy is simple.The peolpe involved in this inspiring eco sound fabric and fashion industry believe that fashion should be ethical and not just beatiful.
Victoria Meadows the founder and designer of Original Sample eco fuses recycled fabrics into detail within her collection.Combining the richness of historical fashion values with contemporary western styling
.The combination of classic and contemporary makes her designs timeless and wearable.

Monday, October 26, 2009

Cashmere and angora know available.

Fabulous new yarns available on line at Original Sample at Artisan website based in New York.Also great special offer purchase more than one item and recieve free shipping.Choose any style re-design an item for your own tastes and bespoke your own size at

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Key Winter trends.

With this years trends promising to be more versitile and classic.The best destination for your bespoke winter woollies can viewed on line at

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Original Sample Winter range.

Special offer this month on the original sample website is free shipping on multipule purchases.Great winter woolies and soft wintery wooly hats at

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London Fashion Week.

London fashion week has arrived and it is celebrating 25 years of style.The return of many big UK designers to the London show is testament to London being a key fashion city on a Global setting.The new interest is good news for the fashion industry in the UK.

Sunday, September 6, 2009

Special offer for all of September.

Free delivery on all purchases on line at original samples on line store.

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Put humanity into your wardrobe.

In to days fashion scene the buzz word is ethical clothing.Eco and green being a later day explanation.The Ethical is based on a reaction to the greedy profit loving fashion industry.The use of chemicals and third world poor working standards.
Sustainable fashion is also a key Fraze via a fashion evolution,regarding an awareness about proper maintenance of our Eco system.
Original Sample embellishes all these concerns within there collection of accessories.Buy vintage and buy vintage inspired to create a fabulous wardrobe of clothing with longitude in terms of sustaining a fashion direction that is timeless and stylish

Sunday, August 16, 2009

Woodstock 69

This year is the 40Th commemorative year for the iconic hippy music festival.500,000 people visited the 3 day event in up state New York.20 miles of traffic jams,so busy it was finally given a disaster zone status by local officals in its final day.Two people died and two babies were born.A tribute double vinyl album was produced.Is it available on CD or DVD I ask?
It should be if it isn't it will be.
Janis Joplin,Jimi Hendrix,Joe Cocker,The Who,Jefferson Airplane,Creedance clear water revival( a favorite of mine,very hippy trance).600 acres of land was set out for the epic music festival.Food and water ran out sanitation facilities failed.The hippy commune tribe for peace and love prevailed.
Add woodstock hippy style to your wardrobe.Add flowers,patch work tote bags and country knits,create the stlye from excisting wardrobe pieces.

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Wool alpaca is now available on www.originalsample.etsy.For customers who prefer super soft or those who have allergies to wool

Tuesday, August 11, 2009

Eco Original sample to expand range.

The Eco conscious fashion label Original sample Eco is to launch a fashion range with wovens,to include patchwork bags and embellished tunic dresses and long patchwork organza duress's and skirts for this fall 2009.
The mix of vintage and Eco contemporary marriage of style to continue.
Keeping the spirit to encourage a healthier,cleaner earth for everyone.

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Thursday, February 26, 2009

Original Sample profile.

Accessories by designers.
Designer vintage style cardigan.
My name is Victoria Meadows and I run a small e-bay shop selling soft accessories.I design and create knitted garments in a vintage inspired styling.Creating contemporary styles with a slant towards eligaint romantic qualities for a broad market place.We have two labels "Victoria Meadows" and "Original Sample"OS which appears on our accessories as a logo.
I have designed and ran my own business for the last 20 years.Firstly for small indepentant stores and then for department stores and designer labels.
I sold internationally for many years wholesaling and trading at international trade fairs globally.
I have taken a number of years of to look after my daughter and know that she is 3 years old have decided to reinvent myself within an e-bay shop.
I would love to expand my range and sell on international e-bay sites around the world.

Designer corsage broach.
Our products are part of a new generation of eco friendly designer products which is becoming increasingly popular with many people wishing to save the planet from unnecessary pollution.Our fabrics and buttons are vintage were possible or retro vintage. Our yarns are natural fibres recycled from our designer studio space.Our yarns are also bought from smal Scottish farmers who sell their wool to the Scottish based yarn spinners we buy from.They have a small set up were by they have a strong eco -friendly policy using natural dyes and as little possible processes that may damage the enviroment.
We give our customers an awareness that they are helping to prevent global warming buy choosing to buy hand crafted recycled fabrics and accessories within our vintage designer range.
Our shipping policy is within 3 working days using first class recorded delivery always even for overseas. We also like to communicate with our customers via e mail promptly and always give appropriate feedback quickly.Thankyou for viewing our designer range.
We except paypal payment and cheque or postal order,however paypal is the most effective payment and most common.
We also give postage discounts for multiple purchases.Why not join our mailing list to take advantage of exclusive discounts in future offers for customers.